About the new design

Many of you ask me what is the reason for changing the design of kindgirls. Most of the people who contact me don't like the new design.

The main reason is to make it compatible with mobile devices. Before, everything looked too small and couldn't be navigated without zooming. Although it seems that many had gotten used to it. Additionally, search engines penalize this. Now everything looks better, although you have to scroll more. I'm trying to minimize that.

In the PC or large screen version, I wanted to try a flexible design that adapts to larger resolutions and makes better use of space, although that implies a more disorganized appearance in certain circumstances.

I am still making changes and considering your opinions. I know that changes are difficult to assimilate and I will not please everyone.

If after giving it a try you still prefer the old design you can access it at kindgirls.com/old

Thanks for your support.



If you have any comments or suggestions, please send a message.

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I apologize for my English. Corrections are welcomed.

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